How do we view and define the way of life as a woman? I consider this an important theme within the environment that surrounds our lifestyles and the ways we think.
The reason why I have set forth this goal is because women have always been my main point of focus within the company I run now and throughout all the work I have previously been engaged in. Throughout the many years of listening to their thoughts and concerns, it has strengthened my desire to stand behind women and to support them.
As we age as women, the environment that surrounds us changes and women are required to

go through many hardships, physically, mentally and emotionally: stress, marriage, childbirth, raising children and menopause. There are times when we have to face ourselves to make difficult choices , and even to encounter moments when we have to give up our careers or our goals .
As I continue witnessing women in need, I have started to think of how I could possibly provide women an environment where they would be able to always stay true to themselves.
CUDDLE products aim to support women’s lifestyles, their relationships with their children and their families, starting with the point from when they encounter changes in the mind and body at pregnancy and throughout the period up to childbirth and beyond. Supporting women in a wide range of fields, by creating opportunities of challenge and success.
Asuka Shiraishi