Company Profile

Company Profile

Name of Company

Blue ink (Blue ink.,inc)

Established on

January 27, 2016, following the establishment of its predecessor AROMATIQUE Ltd., in 2000

Managing Director & CEO

Azusa Annells
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[ Headquarters ] 1-18-38 Namidate Maeda, Aomori City, Aomori, 038-0024 JAPAN
Telephone: 017-781-6365
[ Tokyo Office ] 5-12-19-301 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
Telephone: 03-6451-1657
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Business Operations

Aromatherapy Business
Aromatherapy Institute: training of aromatherapy & cosmetic concepts and techniques
Management operations of aromatherapy and cosmetics & management of consultant operations
Sales & distribution of aromatherapy related products
Import, manufacturing and sales & distribution of cosmetics


Organic that we think

Products that protect the baby and baby Goods that talks gently to the heart and the body of an important family.

Organic Certification

Certified Organic

CUDDLE BABY has COSMOS certification.

Our Quality & Policy

Our Quality & Policy

Reached the world, organic certification quality.

Message to Mama & Papa

Message to Mama & Papa

Encounter with new life, not only for babies but for important moms and dads.