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Our Quality & Policy

Organic Formulation

Over 70 kinds of organic ingredients are being researched at the ARTQ ORGANICS factory in Hokkaido, Japan, to create unique formulations with the most exquisite balance of benefits.
None of our products contain any water, as all our formulations are made with organic hydrosols, ensuring products made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, incorporated into an array of organically certified formulations with an exceptionally high percentage of organic ingredient contents.

Water cannot be certified as organic. In general, the percentage of the organic content is written without water, however, CUDDLE BABY products specify all organic ingredients.
None of the ARTQ ORGANICS products contain any water, as all of our formulations are made only with organic hydrosols. The organic content of products of most other brands are listed as the content without the water contained, as water cannot be organically certified. We list the organic content of all components within the product.

Each product has its own individual organic percentage listed on each package. Our choice to offer products made with exclusive formulations using the best organic raw materials enables safe and gentle products for mothers and for babies.

Our Promise to our Customers

None of our products contain any chemical surfactants, chemical preservatives and petroleum based components.
None of our products contain any synthetic fragrances, ingredients or materials.
None of our products contain any animal products or materials, genetically-modified ingredients or carcinogenic materials.
None of our products are tested on animals.
All of our products are certified by an organic certification audit system, conducted by an independent Third Party governing body.
Our products utilize airless containers that ensure vacuum sealing


Organic that we think

Products that protect the baby and baby Goods that talks gently to the heart and the body of an important family.

Organic Certification

Certified Organic

CUDDLE BABY has COSMOS certification.

Our Quality & Policy

Our Quality & Policy

Reached the world, organic certification quality.

Message to Mama & Papa

Message to Mama & Papa

Encounter with new life, not only for babies but for important moms and dads.